Money paid through advertising platform to a letter to the webmaster

respected Webmaster:

you are good, thanks to the money paid through advertising platform ( has been a lot of support for the webmaster, on-line 4 months, there have been tens of thousands of Adsense to join and put advertising.

currently pay through advertising platform often received some questions referred to the webmaster, as follows:

asked, "what can I get from the ad?"

answer: money paid through the advertising platform is integral as the value of the scale, after the release of advertising can get points. The integral can exchange coins, will soon open RMB exchange function. Will be late in the activities at any time to launch the service exchange Tencent limited doll."

asked: "how can I evaluate the points? How much can I earn on IP1000


answer: "integral evaluation is the system according to the website of IP, PV, PR, the nature of the site, site ranking, determine the size and position of advertising advertising and other factors, it is not an accurate answer 1000IP earn."

asked: "no one to buy my ad how to do?"

replied: "now caifutong advertising platform open advertisement carousel, adding advertising carousel, in the case of unsold advertising is caifutong to buy, according to the number of such shows pay; will get a steady income, no formal website can join."

asked: "how to audit the time so long?"

answer: "the current audit is a manual audit + system audit double standards. Artificial to the nature of the site, advertising for the audit; the system according to the index of the value of advertising. Audit is completed within 2 days."


money through advertising platform is committed to providing the highest quality advertising exchange trading platform services, the development of the platform can not be separated from the support of the majority of the webmaster. Look forward to paying the money through advertising platform for the webmaster to provide more quality services, so that owners get more benefits!

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if you have any questions, please contact QQ:88881533 at any time to help you solve the problem of money paid advertising platform


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