Where is the money of network video website Analysis of the current profit model


following the end of 2006, youku.com received $12 million in the second round of venture capital, uusee in early 2007 and won the second round of investment from DFJGrowthFund, and the firm highland capital venture capital institutions, totaling $23 million 500 thousand, which is far Chinese network video industry is one of the largest financing.

actively seek the second round of financing from the video site can be seen, the network of video sites in the first round of financing in the tide of capital consumption is exhausted. In the high cost pressure, most of the network video website is still in the burn stage, while the profit pattern is not mature in the site itself hematopoietic function failure, depend entirely on blood and survival. In this situation, the natural resources become a decisive factor for the survival and development of many video sites, the video site is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, venture investment, financing and operating income and other tricks to become a magic weapon through financial difficulties.

with VC

venture capital has been the main driving force for the growth of emerging Internet applications, network video is no exception. CCID Consulting’s data show that since 2004, Chinese network video industry received a total of $120 million in venture capital, which greatly promoted the development of Chinese network video industry.

but from the venture capital nearly two generous, after the first round of exploratory investment, venture capitalists have changed before the wide net, focus on the cultivation of the investment strategy, began to put the capital to the market leader and innovator of profit model, most of imitation YouTube video sharing site abandoned by capital it can be said, the second round of venture capital financing to promote the differentiation of network video camp.

although the second round of venture capital for the site to continue to explore the profit model for the time, but also laid the foundation for the cost of experience to improve the quality of the contents and website users, but sit to eat Jinshan empty, not in open source under the condition of the third round, fourth round of venture capital such as stage and can?

listing financing bumpy road

in addition to venture capital, video sites have begun to obtain the funds needed to develop the site through the stock market. In September 2006, the first video website through the Hongkong International Group successfully landed on the Hongkong stock market, get $240 million financing. The concept of "the first video video network alliance" network video advertising platform for the stock market investor’s identity, "video network alliance" is similar to the GoogleAdSense, to expand the coverage of video advertising by joining the site.

compared to get venture capital investment, financing is obviously a higher goal, is the symbol of Liyudiaolongmen, but financing difficulty and complexity of ordinary video sites can not imagine. In addition, investors in the stock market is far less tolerant of venture capitalists, and the current downturn in the overall video network will bring great pressure on the listed website.


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