Summary on personal website traffic and make money skills

I am a full-time staff, because the work is relatively easy, but the money is relatively small, so I decided to make a little extra money, I feel the network is the good way, and then the university students founded the "Pi Pi network" and ray off network.

is mainly a popular guest, and do some Ali mother advertising what the site opened for almost a month, the first money earned on the twentieth day: 3.95 yuan, advertising click Ali mother. So far every day basically have one or two dollars, I believe that as long as seriously do, the money will certainly be more slowly every day.

below to talk about the main ways to make money and improve the flow of personal websites, IP and other aspects of some of the skills.

I know the personal website to make money method mainly has the following several points: 1, Taobao customers, simply said that in fact is the intermediary, Taobao is the commodity recommended after again, others by way of you to recommend the purchase of goods that you can get a commission, Ali mother promoted too much. But personally speaking I do at the station for nearly a month, through the Taobao money off yet, I’m afraid with too many such sites have relations and characteristics of such sites low barriers to entry also lead to a customer may release the information in such sites do not trust, that is a scam website. Would rather go to Taobao to buy their own. 2, Ali Mama advertising to make money, even though I still don’t know exactly how Ali mother advertising is one thing, but in my personal understanding should be if someone buy your advertising, so advertising according to your reservation price of $10 a week, for example, if there is no one to buy, so mom myself put on some kind of advertising, with the click every day to give you money, although not much money, but at least the money to the hope, so this is quite good, we need to study the method to allow more people to click on ads, or to flow up, believe it or better than money earned. Then do a few websites that will bring a certain income Many a little make a mickle.. 3, to participate in the league, such as the promotion of the game alliance, such as download ringtones Union, there is an art signature ah test you ah, etc.. But the union credit is not a good reputation, your income will be guaranteed in the near future, but if a bad reputation, you may be busy are busy, they do not give a penny.

I can think of is that these, there are many other things such as selling traffic, but if too much too complicated but it will affect the income of the entire site. There is a need to be reminded that, but also all the little time to write soft to emphasize: the key to endure loneliness, your site may have not a penny of income a month for two months, but if you give up what you are not, if you don’t give up or give you the website users surprises, in third months can persevere so.

under the summary of how to improve the flow of some tips:

1, with the station name registered deliberately similar domain names, such as the order of the input.

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