The most common scam Wangzhuan industry

Wangzhuan is a low risk, low investment industry. Because of his low threshold, so many people into the industry. But really in this industry to make money is not much, many people pay a lot of time and effort, the results were very little. So many people began playing the evil idea, want to deceive the way overnight. And those who are eager to make a fortune can easily be fooled by liars. In order not to everyone to be deceived, I collected some information from the Internet, summed up the common network deception, in the hope that we encounter a similar situation attention.

, a liar advertising alliance

advertising alliance innumerable domestic, most of them are some individuals, many are deceptive, just a short period of time will leave, and then change the domain name from the new website, lie again. For such an alliance, we should be more careful. One is to ask a lot of friends around, ask them to use the experience. Those who choose the best time, good reputation, a variety of procedures to complete a full range of alliances to do. The two is to choose the country has a greater strength of the alliance, such as Baidu, Google, Ali mother. These alliances are more reliable. But some people may think they are too low, so it is easy to be deceived by the high price. In fact, I think the importance of high reliability than high price.


network investment scam

network is now a variety of innumerable investment projects. Each forum, blog, community is full of such information. As long as you do not believe the sky will fall pie, you will not be deceived. It is important to establish a correct attitude, that is, do not dream of windfall.


money playing games

now more and more game platform. There are all kinds of people in the game. Some people want to get a higher level in the game, they want to pass other shortcuts, which gives the crooks can take advantage of the machine.


Wangzhuan training tricks

many people want to make money, but do not know how to make money. So a lot of people will be under the guise of training, said he participated in the training, you can earn much, and so on. Many people do not understand, so they were deceived. A friend of mine took part in this training, paid one thousand yuan, the results, the so-called training is in the QQ hair a little information, in fact, these things can be found online.

Five, network marketing tricks

I have in the disclosure of network marketing trick trick, a talk about the trick of pyramid schemes. Network marketing is now more and more active, I hope you will not be fooled.

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