Road is still far away will stick to go

has been a profitable heart, lack of money because of bile, say the risk and profit is proportional to, I don’t want to watch their money boondoggle. Want to do a career, but found in the world have little chance to really pick up. "Strong manufacturing time, the weak wait for opportunities." I have always felt it must do a strong, trying to create every opportunity, not to do a lifetime of grass root. It’s always been my goal to make my son rich two. Of course, it can be said that in order to prove themselves, to better express themselves, and strive to show the difference between death.

has nearly 20 years of activity in muddle along without any aim, come to think of it, really not what can be proud of their own things. It has always been a consumer in the world. I’m ashamed to think about it, sometimes even a special idea. If I die one day, there is nothing left in the world to save my parents, and I don’t remember anything else. Or perhaps a kind of unyielding personality, so I always forget to remind yourself, must go to rise head and shoulders above others. If you can’t be a hero, just do a lawrence.

in this year’s summer vacation, perhaps idle boredom, went to read a book on economics. It was also mentioned that the sign, not only feel regret, after all I don’t believe this. But I still think there is some truth, like suangua, many people think it is a lie, they just said it makes sense. The first few paragraphs I have a closer look, turned directly into Capricorn on my own. The book said that such people on the principle of money is very simple, regardless of money and money are very concerned about money. Even love money over everything, if they can say I only care about you, then the "you", this object can only be money. I also admit that I look at the money so much that I feel like I’m the one who’s desperate for money. But more than anything else.

but also think that money doesn’t seem to like me, this is just my wishful thinking, or why so many years, my father and I have not seen a fortune. But I know, I am not such a person. Later, after many days of thinking, still not reconciled after working for others, I was born destined to own struggle. For others to squeeze so much surplus value, it will make me feel very uncomfortable. I haven’t lived for so long, I’ve been working a couple of times. 12 years of summer vacation and the summer of, went to Shanghai and Shenzhen, a person, do not know where the courage to come. Of course, in this short few months, I did not think it can make a difference here, to find a job is not easy. That period of time to go out is also a walk, one is to familiarize themselves with the environment, the route; two is to know that these cities than I am in the city in the end what more, can develop so well. Some people may think I am bored, I think the difference is very obvious, what development started earlier, convenient transportation, favorable national policy >

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