The garbage station also speak the principle of Robbers also have their paths

              see the title brick will be a lot, but to the time to say.

              two days before all my garbage station are dead, wrote "I finally died all trash to make money" a complete garbage station, some of the methods and models of profit do say garbage station, which refers to a mode of – install the software with the plugin. For example: PPS, UUSEE, reader, etc.. Last night a friend told me that the installation of popular, express mini version of the effect is better, because they have no way to uninstall after installation, after the restart will be installed, so that the Commission will be able to get. Really so overbearing software?!! Isn’t that strong J?
              to find the two software installed. There really is no uninstall program!! Fashion is a new creature, in order to promote the survival, the passable, HAO123 have used the malicious code, with little means to understand. But the express train is coming in. Software or to pay attention to a user experience, afraid of their own competition, but the thunder on the technical efforts to this set!!

            never deny themselves to do garbage station, in order to refuse to stand in the profit, in my opinion, unless you make a big site, or refuse to stand than the regular station profit. A 5000IP garbage can earn 500 yuan a day, while the regular station has a good $50. I seldom go to the webmaster in exchange places, like in ADMIN5, to the registered Louis, even someone, forget it, by week eight well, I used the net, even so, I just sent the article yesterday, now do not remember the login name. (a friend told me I can log in)……. But I refuse to adhere to a principle: do not harm the interests of ordinary Internet users. I do SP, because the victim is not lady-killer erotomanic, how much money they have earned all peace; do GG cheating, click to see what they want to see, not just to advertisers to make more people know what they do, the money earned at PPS; and UUSEE download, two a player overall is good, practical, no strong J signs, the money earned at ease…… But, like the popular express mini version is the rogue, do not put them out of the promotion of prostitution for rape??!

              all roads lead to Rome, thousands of ways to make money.

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