Why stand in Pyramid rice and vegetable roll top Wangzhuan not you

often met some new friends asked me what or what the project recently, a part of this idea is actually still could not expand Wangzhuan friends. For example, a lot of people like to play games, gambling machines, we will spend money to buy the game currency, but we really want to earn a lot of money, in general very little, occasionally also possible. But the game design programmer will earn more, so if you do not change the thought will always run with the others behind, will become a stepping stone to others on the top of the Pyramid.


you to search related words or Wangzhuan like, be able to search a lot, a lot of people in this SEO are also competing for these words, the reason is of course we all love money. But why the top of the Pyramid is not on the Wangzhuan you oh. Here I will analyze several reasons:

one, do not think about other people’s psychological analysis

do Wangzhuan mostly online time is long, the general economic strength of Internet users, for this part of the crowd, they need to analyze the psychological. First of all, they will be very happy to do free Wangzhuan, because they are often reluctant to do not have the ability to invest in projects, and for some new users of this industry has a great distrust, they want to do Wangzhuan investment basically is unlikely. Another part of Internet users is a net level, familiar with the Internet, but when they were some Wangzhuan cheated money, psychological will start to think Wangzhuan are liars, so one thing how to make this part of the trust of Internet users is very difficult.

, you need to understand that to search, Wangzhuan project of the higher people’s psychology, most of them just for an extra income in his spare time, and not to do full-time, but this part of the majority of people also want Wangzhuan simple to use, they love hearing "technology without the project, as long as the Internet will be able to make money" and so on, to grasp the psychology of others, this is the only way which must be passed to match up to the top of the Pyramid.

two, no execution to do

you may have the psychological analysis of others, and you may have to do, but the results you failed. Why, because you do not insist, not to say not to insist, is not enough. No good execution do anything is completely useless, especially in the world of internet. I used my students to let five people do blog marketing at the same time, let them every day update ten articles for the original and high quality articles, to come to me for a month, a month later, only one person insisted on, the students now through the Internet every day to earn more than me. It’s not about anything else, because he has the power to do something, and he knows how to think, not just to do it.

three, do not want to learn

wants to be the top of Pyramid people, no technology is not enough, we will need to do websites, but also know how to analyze planning website. This is for

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