52% nternet users will click on the display ads and other responses

Beijing on May 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. search engine marketing company iProspect Monday released the latest survey report shows that 52% of Internet users will respond to all kinds of display ads on the site, click on the response including display advertising and related search, access to brand enterprise website etc..

The investigation report iProspect

said, for a variety of all kinds of display ads on the site, 31% of Internet users will directly click on these advertisements; 27% will show ads according to the information provided in the search engine to find related products; 21% will enter the URL in the browser address bar of the Brand Company in 9%; to further understand the relevant product information through social networking sites. Together, 52% Internet users will respond to display ads.

iProspect also said that the latest survey results show that display advertising and search advertising is not completely separate or opposition, the two actually has a very close contact, the vast majority of marketers are also lack of enough understanding.

iProspect CEO Robert · (Robert Murray); Murray said: "the key conclusion of the latest findings are: display advertising still has its vitality of the market. 31% of Internet users will choose to click on the ads is proof. On the other hand, indirectly through the search and other ways to respond to display the user ratio is very high. To some extent, through the search engine to view the product, has become one of the important ways to respond to online advertising display."

Murray then said: "the latest conclusion for marketers to convey an important message: advertisers put in display advertising at the same time, also need to make full use of the advantages of the search engine, so in order to make the display advertising play the best effect, the reason is that there is close relation between advertising and search advertising."

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