Novice reading my first GG payment of 105 69

the day before yesterday evening to see the landing GG April revenue has been issued, the total is $105.69. GG advertising is not easy to earn, I do not know how many days and nights are accumulated from the first ad from Google. Recently, I started my new station trip: cottage notebook site also hope to get everyone’s support.

GG for the majority of owners of domestic advertising, or advertising preferred, the first is credibility, filled with $100 to receive the money; the second is GG advertising unit in the country is the highest; third is to apply for GG advertising fees do not pay taxes, such as the total income is $105.69, the day went to the post office to collect the money the exchange rate is 681.6, a total of $720.5 to get the money, if Baidu word to an estimated 500. Based on the above reasons, it is no wonder that the webmaster often shouted: do traffic to find Baidu, advertising for GG.

originally thought to go to the post office for Western Union is a very troublesome thing, see for the first time to get the station before the money was returned the article, so I fill in the application form in the post office receipt is careful carefully, for fear of a wrong by the post office MM to call back. Fill in the form at the edge of the side of the security GG asked after the completion of the. To get the counter, the counter MM required to produce their identity cards, because fill fill the second generation ID card, MM to answer is: citizen ID number does not exist. Then take the old ID of the first generation to her, the results of an investigation thoroughly dizzy dishes, the answer is: the existence of citizen ID number, but does not match the name. I also wonder, MM asked me: is not changed your name. I say no. MM told me: you go to your local public security bureau to allow them to update your ID card information library. After listening to this, I thought MM would like to return to me, and so I update the ID card library and then withdrawals. Who knows she took the money in a few money, I burst Qiexi: ID check not to give money to


later after I finished taking the money remittance voucher or analysis, mainly in: the name, address and other information (that is, their stay in the background of the GG personal information), then send the information exchange (i.e. related information, GG company in the background there is MTCN), GG (the background can be see).

thought it was very difficult to worry about nothing, from the post office to the door, the whole process is not more than 10 minutes, really fast.

The following is a

application in photo, leave the record, after the first time to collect the remittance can refer to this kind of form:


according to the table will fill in the fill in the east. The basic money soon.


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