The three most likely to make the network error

more and more people are now open shop, more and more people love to open a shop in Taobao or a similar website, selling stuff, do business with a small capital. However, many Internet companies are making such or such mistakes, the following is to enumerate some of the most important is the most frequent errors.

one, the shorter the domain name the better

As the saying goes,

name is very important, a good shop name, will be a very high degree of concern to a great extent, and the domain name is the same, do not underestimate such a English address, as long as there are features, easy to remember, will attract potential customers login.

many network operators online to see some information that the domain name should be short, to have a characteristic, is desperately looking for, not knowing the true short domain name has long been registered in the light, and unique domain name is a domain name holder away occupation.

so we open the shop, as long as the domain name can be consistent with the site of goods, there is a certain meaning, in fact, do not care about the domain name to have more features.

two, a map and let the customer orders

now, do not look at the direction of the details: in addition to shop Wangwang, also left a QQ number? In addition to mobile phone, and store address? Have the real name? The introduction of the product is complete and diverse? Or even more pictures can determine whether the customer final orders.

many people see what Taobao Internet star, three drill to spend money shop, why? Because the details, they fight not supply, but not the appearance, atmosphere, visibility, why even go to the interview to the people who die in their own kind, a home on the vest shorts? A kind of culture, the shop is the same, every detail is to highlight your attitude and culture.

check your products have no typos, maybe a consultation did not become, because this is a typo. To see if there is no problem with the modification of the image, the watermark plus shadow does not affect the appearance and integrity.

three, reply customer speed does not matter

The reaction speed of

network many annoying, do business online, is a quick word, after consulting the best reply within 30 seconds, so the customer will not run away, really something, just want set and QQ automatic reply, recommended automatic reply content must not be: "Hello, I’m not something, please later," write such words simply call, write: "the best is in front of the computer, please consult directly dial the phone number, thank you!" to leave your bag with a mobile phone number, there is a need for the buyers to find you.

many network operators very exclusive to put their mobile phone number in the Internet, feel that their privacy is compromised, recommended to buy two mobile phone, a specialized electronic commerce, not very good, but it must wrap, then you do business, as long as you don’t lie, people will not bother you why are you so alert,


details decided to

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