A P2P search music site planning book

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: digital music today the old model is that there is no next The sun sinks in the west., the new model? Today, I also came to a "P2P+ search" music website planning, I hope everyone together to verify. Please forgive me for the title is written in site planning book, but I only said a general direction, would not divulge details here.

P2P+ search for music website mode copyright solution:

uses P2P+ to search links to solve copyright problems. Copyright is a sword hanging on the head of all music websites. As long as you want to do the normal brand of music sites are around but copyright issues. My point is: look at Baidu! Baidu is the music search industry leader, but also a listed company, so Baidu is the bottom line to deal with these gray areas. Now Baidu has begun to use P2P sharing model to circumvent the copyright risk. In May this year, Baidu launched the "music man", it is similar to the P2P individuals to share the music form of individual user behavior to upload songs to the model is worthy of reference, the heavens have Baidu first wore. We can do this music website: in the form of P2P, users put their love songs to edit, upload to the website to share, websites only provide a platform, and is not involved in copyright, so every year can save millions of copyright fees. But try to ensure that the site has the latest and most complete song. Site location is a musical communication media, only listen and not available for download. If the user wants to download after listening to the song, then the site provides a search link to other sites to download, as Baidu MP3 search. At the same time, the site continues to contract with the record company, all the songs will be linked to the link to download their own songs on the platform, and the record company is divided into downloads. From the domestic small and medium record companies began to sign a few, and then hype genuine model, the four will certainly not participate in such cooperation. As if in search of "penny search", only signed a few small record in speculation.

user stickiness solution

1;                     WEB2.0. formation circle, users can publish articles, you can request songs, you can chat with friends can recommend music, such as  .

2 and                        . As well as systematic analysis of user preferences, to recommend the type of music the user might like.

case 1: Baidu music head. MP3 search accounted for more than 30% of Baidu traffic, how to become the core value of their own traffic, rather than the user to download the song to leave? "The music man" is to solve this problem. "The music man" is divided.

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