DG Vice President Chen Tong the current business needs high wall grain

Sina Technology roots from Sichuan, Chengdu

October 20th afternoon news, Sina business oriented entrepreneurs launched the "new class" fifth held in Chengdu today. IDG IDG, executive vice president of global capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge, vice president of IDG Asia from Xu Zhou and vice president of IDG capital’s morning for Sichuan area and other areas of entrepreneurs bring about IDG of the venture capital.

in the new class, vice president of IDG capital’s morning current venture investment situation, published in the "venture capital" off-season keynote speech.

is the following morning lecture transcript (the title is added):

had a IDG topic is how to see the two or three line of the city’s investment, our investment team as a standard, the team is to see how the execution, so I think this topic did not discuss what is worth.

since we are entrepreneurial class part, I will introduce startups will often ask questions, we summarize this topic, it might be is some small points, you don’t sound clue is of special things, a discussion with you.

financing should be more difficult, high wall, wide grain

basic we can now feel that, on the whole, you now go out to finance or, regardless of the VC level of financing, and now we may face greater pressure than in the first half of this year.

overall market, including the primary market, the two market is now cooling trend. Entrepreneurs often ask is that we should do what? I think 1 or high walls, the so-called wide grain, I quickly removed the king. I think Internet Co to do some publicity and PR within a short period of time, Wang is not possible. Before we have some CEO to change the financing, we now hope more entrepreneurial companies put their skills, including good management, personnel, or business model to do better.

second I think for start-up companies now in terms of burning to become very calm and rational behavior, from a market point of view, when we judge a project, for your own singular or say you how much, how much amount of users, now is not as hot as in when we are most concerned about things, and we may consider more is the business model, the Internet is now doing very burn things, so I think that person is now burning to calm. It will be said that some companies will encounter a temporary bottleneck, then I think in a timely manner to think about their new direction, timely transformation, in fact, sometimes not a bad thing.

capital freeze, investors are most concerned about the team

calm down investors look at what I am most concerned about is the increase in talent, I will ask each time the founding team is an increase in staff, or who left, this

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