Do business cooperation with Tianjin krypton space depth build entrepreneurial innovation service pl

double Chinese become the new engine of economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation areas of concern. The day before, the largest enterprise service platform for enterprises to do with Tianjin krypton space reached a strategic cooperation, cross-border cooperation, build entrepreneurial innovation service platform, through the convenient and effective service platform, to avoid the menace from the rear of entrepreneurs.


win-win cooperation, to achieve their respective areas of breakthrough

is the 36 krypton krypton space under the flag of the incubator carrier to the joint office for. The graduation project valuation has more than 10 billion 500 million, the project financing success rate as high as 97%, the project quality and mathematical entrenched industry first. With krypton space landing in Tianjin, the open layout of more than 1500 square meters of office and independent, is assigned to the project in human resources and services so as to achieve the optimum allocation. At the speed of the development of Binhai New Area, Tianjin has become the vanguard of krypton empty incubation area, this time with the largest enterprise service platform for enterprises to do more to achieve cooperation, let Tianjin krypton space service ability of a tiger with wings added.

according to the strategic agreement, Tianjin krypton space and enterprise run cooperation to realize the sharing of resources. Enterprise run free platform design showcase Tianjin krypton space station information, so that more entrepreneurs understand the experience of Tianjin Google krypton space style office environment and good service, and enterprise run through the service platform more entrepreneurs, will build a wider and more complete service system. It is worth mentioning that the enterprise run platform hundreds of high quality cheap enterprise service will be free for Tianjin space krypton entrepreneur development, entrepreneurs homes will be able to enjoy a professional business consultant services to entrepreneurs business services procurement cost is greatly reduced, this is undoubtedly the krypton space for startups to bring better business services.


of the enterprise office platform, entrepreneurs can easily find the latest activity known as China we work Tianjin krypton space information. The office of life, social integration to the ultimate Tianjin krypton space not only for entrepreneurs to bring pets can work and play games of human welfare, but also for entrepreneurs in the incubation project, and further combined with the local government, enterprises, media platform resources to help entrepreneurs, and this the enterprise run enterprise service platform to promote entrepreneurship and innovation concept closely fit the two through the sharing of resources is bound to form a "double" new energy, and greater efforts to entrepreneurial innovation incubator.

brings together the public, and entrepreneurs grow

is the largest domestic enterprise service platform for enterprises to provide high quality and low price services, enterprises gathered hundreds of enterprise services to meet the needs of the development of enterprises in all industries. At the same time, the enterprise has a business consultant, standing on the point of view of the lack of professional companies to provide professional guidance. Moreover, enterprises do as the third party platform not only to various enterprise service checks, also for financial supervision, to avoid disputes in business services, allow enterprises to use enterprise services worry more and more assured.


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