Huang Xiaochu an unexpected pregnancy in Huang Lei

"Huang Lei" the latest entry in Baidu Baike’s focus is: because too fat missed the "Yi Zhuan" such as. However, he recently let him fat things – eat, made a business. Huang Lei admitted that Huang Xiaochu’s birth is actually derived from a "pregnant", "no way, then".


this article is the first picture of Huang Lei in the Chinese version of the TV series "late night canteen," according to the fixed makeup

meet the same day, Huang Lei wore a plain blue shirt and jeans, with a pair of shoes. In fact, he did not exaggerate the size of his own rendering of the outside world, is a little fatter than the idol star, but there is no ordinary middle-aged man greasy feeling.

yellow kitchen office hung Huang Lei in "world in April day", "time" as propaganda, then he points, long hair, long legs, on the beach shoot promotional photos, eyes is the aura and melancholy. Now he no longer shoot the text green play, a lot of identity. In addition to actors, directors, producers and promoters of the Wuzhen Drama Festival, but also into the business community, to become the founder of the Yellow kitchen.

seems to be more sympathetic to the identity of an actor and an artist than a businessman. I met recently asked whether there is a "small separation", how to feel. In more than two hours of conversation, he mentioned three times Marcuse said, "art can’t change the world, but can change people’s ideas, and people will change the world".

"my dream is to change the world by changing the way, these pots, fuel, is a drop of water in my dream."

what does the Yellow cook do?


of fat, Huang Lei on many occasions mentioned the reason is really not. He had a name of love to rice, a full range of reflected in the reality and the life. "I started to think this is called" small yellow. ". Listen to the "small intestine Chen" almost like a hundred years old". Huang Lei said. If you have a name, you’ll be a cook. "Call Huang Xiaochu." The name of the brand is set.

Huang Lei really start a business. "Huang Xiaochu" is not only the channel brand, but also the product brand. Among them, the part of the product to take the ODM model, by a number of large kitchen utensils factory design, production, incubation of some new brands. Because the intermediate links less, the rate of increase is low, the price of the product will not be too high. A ten in the Tmall line, the amount of stock reached qianwanji. Li Fan is one of the representatives of the pot, the seed wheel is a family of Huang Lei. "I have used this in advance, do you see any children on the cover of watermark." She picked up a white skillet, like at his works, "white is significantly better when there are black, do alternative, I do not love."

as part of the channel is the Huang Xiaochu election, the focus on the "election" >

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