Google CEO billions of dollars of revenue but he was a poor child in ndia

in the first year of the Google Sandahl · (nicknamed "firewood brother pichardo Iraq") this coke, because he in 2015 revenue exceeded $100 million. And he became a poor boy from India into a Google CEO, can be described as the most inspirational success stories.


"firewood" brother pay more than one hundred million

in Google’s parent company Alphabet recently submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents, the first disclosure of the current Google CEO India Sandahl · pichardo Iraq income. Google in the first year of "wood", more than one hundred million salary last year, received a $100 million 500 thousand salary.

According to the

file, "firewood" income consists of 1% wage (salary) and 99% shares (equity). The document also details the various parts of his income. As shown in the following figure.


"firewood" salary is not high, for $652 thousand and 500, but the company gave him the 2017 implementation of the $99 million 800 thousand worth of restricted stock. In February this year, Alphabet was awarded the "restricted stock firewood" worth nearly $200 million, this is the Google CEO in the history of the largest amount of restricted shares. When Bloomberg reports describe, "firewood" will become the largest publicly listed company executives in 2015 earned.

can be said, "whatever boarded Google CEO position after" overnight". Before the provisions of the relevant 2014 Google tube file, the top five highest paid executives, also did not see "firewood" figure.


It seems that Google

founded the parent company Alphabet in last year’s decision, the achievements of the India elder brother. The DT will take you back to your little brother India "firewood" magical experience.

India poor children boarded the pinnacle of life

the evening of August 10, 2015, Google announced that it would create a company called Alphabet Inc., the parent company for their own, Google founder Larry (Larry Page) · page and Sergei brin (Sergey Brin) · joy to do there was the overlord, believed to be the greatest Google company to a India the elder brother.

the India elder brother is not what India born but grew up in the United States; the "banana" is not from the India upper class family, but poor children born in India. He is Sandahl · Pichai (Sandar Pichai), will become the new Google CEO.


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