Suning 4 billion 250 million day after the acquisition of Alibaba express laugh

Abstract: Alibaba will continue to penetrate the courier company, which is also called Ma new retail a better supplement.


[titanium media] after being Suning 4 billion 250 million wholly-owned acquisitions, express every day will also be included rookie logistics system.

day before the Su Ningyun subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning Logistics Limited company announced the acquisition of 4 billion 250 million of the daily express all the shares valuation. Announcement: the acquisition completed in two, December 30, 2016, Suning to cash invested 2 billion 975 million yuan acquisition of the daily express 70% shares; the remaining 30% shares at a price of 1 billion 275 million yuan, after the completion of the delivery will be completed within 12 months.

the subject matter of the transaction express 100% equity valuation of $4 billion 250 million per day. Express every day in 2016 after tax net profit of not less than 84 million yuan.

Su ningyun said in the announcement, the company through the acquisition of the daily express, can be very good to strengthen the Suning logistics last mile distribution capacity, can in a relatively short term integration of the two sides in the warehouse, trunk, etc. express cyber source terminal.


in November 1st last year, "Su Ningyun bin" intelligent logistics base officially unveiled, the scale of warehousing, sunrise volume and the level of automation and logistics industry broke the Asian record; at the beginning of December, announced the establishment of the logistics research institute and S laboratory, invested billion yuan for the development of intelligent technology. Suning currently has 8 national logistics center, the 47 regional logistics center, the city’s distribution center in the 6267, the end of the courier outlets in.

acquired the daily express network at present throughout the country more than and 300 cities and more than 2 thousand and 800 counties (including county-level cities and districts), the country has 61 distribution centers (35 direct distribution center), more than 10000 distribution outlets, opened more than 1800 operating lines. The Daily Express has been present in most of the province to provide the next day, some provincial cross day service provided. Southern China, East China, North China regional implementing day, above these regional express can achieve 48 hours. At the same time, the daily express warehouse and warehouse in the major electricity supplier to establish a national node city, providing warehouse with service, the establishment of international positions in 7-8 countries, the establishment of 3 cross-border positions in China, at present a warehouse with one daily amount of more than 200 thousand.

Su ningyun according to the 2016 three quarter results: Su ningyun by accelerating the socialization of logistics operation, to service providers, rookie business as the focus, to achieve social logistics revenue growth of 411.11%, there are more than 1 thousand companies access to Suning logistics system by cloud, Suning logistics providing warehouse with development business.

did not like the Department of the Department of peer to choose the listing, every day is the argument that the competition is very

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