f the company culture is not good that must be the founder of the problem

editor’s note: you want to build what kind of corporate culture in your company? Can you imagine your behavior is critical to the enterprise culture? Larry Kim analysis of the company in the process of the establishment of the enterprise culture in the role of the founder in this paper.


I have a two year old son who is able to take part in his life journey and it is an exciting experience to teach him new things and try to be the best role model in his growing up.

I have a eight year old kid, the company I founded in 2008, WordStream.

has a striking resemblance to the upbringing of a child and the establishment of a great entrepreneurial culture. As a kid, you build the corporate culture will be your company founder and veteran of the company image. So, what kind of culture do you encourage your business to develop?

this kind of culture can make your employees grows? Let them make benefit to the company grow great cause? Or a toxic culture — leading to your employees is doomed to fail, and will make you just founded the demise of


the importance of establishing the right corporate culture

do you feel like a worker in the enterprise? – you is just a company of 100 face in common. Sometimes you just have to look at the way the company works, because that’s what it’s all about".


the cartoon vividly illustrates the concept:

I swear I’ll never let the company get into this toxic culture.

It’s interesting that

works with you to build a great entrepreneurial culture. You can’t just walk up and say, "big guy, this is our company culture. You’d better keep it."

The thing that surprised me the most about

is that the characteristics of a company and its founders can be so similar. This can be manifested in the following aspects:

1 employees will watch what you do and do it your way.

2 you tend to hire people like you DNA. (unless you hire new employees disagree with you.



for success

has such a crazy example:

when we were in a small company, every time we hired a new person, they all worked in formal business suits, but after a few days they didn’t wear them. Within a few weeks, they wear will seem less formal — such as T-shirt and jeans.

why? Because I’m sloppy


so I bought some more than

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