A Chinese venture capital driven will be the birth of a Wang Kaixin

GQ recently China a "17 year old CEO Wang Kai Xin: girls and lonely" magical air entrepreneurs in the circle of friends crazy scraper, Wang Kaixin and magic to the limelight department. From the beginning of 2014, 90 entrepreneurs to consistently high-profile continue to win the attention of the public. From Ma Jiajia to Yu Jiawen, then to Wang Kaixin, it seems there is a subtle relationship.


stood in the magic of the department store

in the Beijing News "for Chinese hit off the meeting, Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping made a point of view, the net red is the most exciting phenomenon in 2016. Every entrepreneur should be a net red. If you do not have the ability to become a network of red, potential, charm, influence, then do not start.

I don’t really agree with that. Perhaps investors question is this, but this does not mean a net red for entrepreneurs harm. Negative news, spread faster than the positive. Some young people may become an unusual way to become a net.

I can imagine some high school students earning millions of dollars over the Internet on his own, but I don’t think he can manage a company well.

we can often in a number of entrepreneurial forums, see Wang Kaixin share the success of the road. But investment institutions blindly let her participate in various activities, a variety of programs, but do not take into account the consequences of public opinion, will cause some damage to her psychological. It is also the right way for capital institutions to bring these young entrepreneurs in the right direction while providing funding and resources.

To promote the

capital institution,

venture grimace

today’s entrepreneurial atmosphere, there is no lack of some impetuous. Financing exaggerated, data fraud has become an industry recognized fact, but it does not seem to meet some of the ambitions of the capital institutions. In this era, the majority of enterprises have data exaggerated behavior, people’s attention is scattered. When more and more companies are exaggerating the behavior of the data, this competitive market is gradually saturated, continue to data fraud will no longer get a huge degree of concern. Then it takes a new approach, a new way to get people’s attention. So the new tag package with 90, 95, to create a legend of " " story, seize the majority of entrepreneurs demand, making the attention, something that is not a good way for them.

for investors: some investors hope the young CEO to participate in various programs, accept various interviews, on the one hand help the company to increase visibility, so as to make people feel like they also cast a well-known company, a cause of a product is the appearance of fire, the false data into logical " real the data of " on the other hand, is conducive to attracting the next round of funding.

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