Pan Shiyi why now is the golden age of entrepreneurship

[Abstract] in the pan view, the traditional industry has been fast 10 years, there has been no star entrepreneur.

Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on January 6th

traditional industry has no entrepreneurial opportunities." In the recent cross-border hosted by Hu Haiquan venture China program recording, SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi said.

in Pan view, the traditional industry has almost 10 years there have been no star entrepreneurs, the leader is still fifty or sixty years older, "the traditional industry is capital intensive, requires a lot of money, the cost is very high, intermediate links in particular, efficiency is very low".

This is why

SOHO China to net". A year ago today, SOHO China issued a real estate innovation project SOHO 3Q, announced that it will use a new way of the Internet, to provide O2O model of mobile office space.

for Pan Shiyi, this is a new business. Compared to 25 years ago, his first venture, now the environment has undergone tremendous change.

1991, Pan Shiyi and Feng Lun, who set up Wantong company in Hainan,, began to stir up real estate. At the time, has not yet been "entrepreneurial", until one or two years after the "sea". At that time, the sea has been regarded as most of the people did not work, work of young people.

"at the time of entrepreneurs is full of idealism, that do business too shameful, the original ideal way of young people are moving in one direction, but then suddenly found the road to nowhere, must be in new ways, such as business." At that time, Pan Shiyi also wrote an article called "go Chinese young intellectuals Patriotic Road" article, "doing business is to convince myself".

at that time, China everywhere opportunities, there are many successful people into the sea. "Not only is the speculation, and even for the people who can be successful. Remember to give our company to cook the people suddenly said to go to work, after asking that he was a piece of land to make money." Pan Shiyi recalls.

only when the social changes, will give more people to provide entrepreneurial and change the fate of the opportunity." Pan Shiyi has experienced more than and 20 years of real estate investment rich mythology, also witnessed profound changes in technology and the Internet now, in his opinion, now change five to ten years may be equivalent to a change in the past one hundred years, two hundred years, today is the best time in entrepreneurship.

had considered the house free service to make money

Pan Shiyi started the real estate industry is a heavy asset industry, but the capital market is not optimistic about heavy assets, valuation will be greatly reduced. The Internet industry gave Pan Shiyi a huge touch.

, for example, in the pan seems, Uber and fast APP, such as the emergence of drops, the entire automotive industry are likely to produce >

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