Love Shanghai library chain is there for your optimization

love Shanghai library has been in the optimization of the different voices in the industry. The chain end love Shanghai library for the site optimization has no effect? We know that love Shanghai library content is flash, while the flash has been criticized because of the current optimization, search engines can not well support the flash index, so the chain of love Shanghai library is what role does. But some people think so, love is to show to the Shanghai library flash visitors, but the show is in the form of text for the search engine, so that the chain of love is the role of Library in Shanghai. The author is of the opinion that the chain of love Shanghai library is a chain of no effect.

may have a consensus for the optimization of the sex in Shanghai, that is the love of Shanghai will always pay more attention to their products. In fact, this phenomenon is also very obvious, believe love Shanghai search will find the search results are ranked first in the PPC in addition to paid advertising, are generally love their products such as Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai know love love, love of Shanghai library and so on. In view of this, many people love love optimization with the construction of Shanghai products to do the chain. Love of Shanghai library as one of the platform love Shanghai proud, has been not miss resource optimization. I will share my love in the construction of Shanghai library on the chain today’s experience.

we can find that the chain library can be crawl, but if you simply think this to your ranking can bring good results, then you are wrong. The library also insist on doing for a long time, the library links are in the form of anchor text. But this time, the author found that the keywords ranking is not very stable, but there are a lot of long tail keywords decreased. So if you want to pass the love Shanghai library to improve the keywords ranking may not, but because of the weight of love Shanghai library is relatively large, ranking than your site first, eventually the long tail keywords ranking on your site. It is the lost wife of another soldier.

love Shanghai library does not have what effect, so we have to do? I think the Shanghai library is the amount of love can do. Because of love we are not only for the Shanghai library users, we can also view the file has been downloaded by the user. If you link within the document, I believe that many users will download the document curiosity or want to get more relevant information through the link to your site. In order to improve your site visit rate. The love is the author of the Shanghai library account.



Since then

I said no because it does not make visitors directly through the link to our site, but the love of Shanghai library on the external links is indeed will be the search engine spider crawling. Below is the author recently for the love of Shanghai library links to a site to do.

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