No intention of making money just want to serve the people Look at what these nonprofit organizati

is even more gratifying is that the future is not far away from us, but the future is not produced in the Silicon Valley X-Labs, but some non-profit organizations, they use AI technology to create the application of many of the most popular. These applications are in the service of mankind as the core of automatic communication technology: from the most simple to learn the depth of data analysis based on the context, these science and technology can help underserved communities to achieve rapid development.

recently, scientific and technological nonprofit organizations have found new ways of doing things more effectively. A robot called, built by Facebook Messenger, can send reports and give relevant assessments to users, and then users can provide follow-up support to the police. Although this interaction is very simple, but it produces the effect is immeasurable.

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AI can not only bring opportunities for development, but also require enterprises, governments and leaders of science and technology to take corresponding responsibility.

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and another Do Not Pay, it is the world’s first robot lawyer, originally to help drivers to sue the government because of unreasonable fines caused by parking, it can now help tenants to fight the "charter parties" not only, even helping homeless people to apply for social assistance. These chat robots can reduce friction in traditional communications, act as your personal legal adviser, and they will be used in your pocket, anytime, anywhere.

chat robot is a new product in the mobile information field. Until then, only humans could play its part. Over the years, organizations such as TalkingPoints and mRelief have been meeting the needs of users through the simplest mobile messaging applications.

Crisis Text Line a non-profit organization that provides SMS consulting services for mental disorders such as depression, suicidal use is still a kind of people mostly volunteers between the mode of communication, but the technology of the non-profit organization has the country’s largest youth crisis behavior of open source database. In addition, the agency also uses artificial intelligence technology, and once it receives a higher level of consulting information, the platform will respond quickly, and the response will grow from usual

people are full of illusions about the future of artificial intelligence technology, from climate change to disease treatment, and it seems that this technology can solve all the problems that human beings are facing now. But in fact, the future created by artificial intelligence can be very "ground gas", and it can play a big role in our daily life.

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