How to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng enterprise stand optimization task

two: the title and keyword optimization

stand for the enterprise, what is their keywords, there are two kinds of "corporate image" and "products". The product is classified relatively thin, so sometimes face many key problems are going to do, how to arrange? General company on the site at the beginning of the construction are generally made of art page optimization, so for information and perspective on the importance of beautification page show a lot of neglect. So, the website rankings will not have enough good results.

2: keyword selection, general optimization of an enterprise stand each other the most important keywords are often several, though a small, but can be said to be fewer but better, how to do? It is necessary to use the long tail word, try to choose some products and services related to the cold but key words to optimize the number of. Do the long tail keyword, will bring more customers for the enterprise. The key to focus on discription, as in keyword, "

with the rapid development of the Internet, many enterprises product positioning in the network market, to market their products in the network, which launched the field of electronic commerce competition. Shanghai dragon Er this pronoun is also more and more enterprises are optimistic about the search engine optimization can indeed improve the website ranking based on the status, bring more benefits for the enterprise, compared to the high ranking is undoubtedly the biggest harvest at minimal cost, and therefore the choice of the site of Shanghai dragon optimization. But the station also has its enterprise characteristics, not to optimize the conventional website can achieve the goal. So, how to do a good job for the optimization of the enterprise stand, do the following discussion here.


1, TITLE (about three page optimization keyword Best) although it will affect some beautiful, but it is important to information feedback, "is to the user and the search engine index, and the importance of the title is needless to say, and not as a rational use of waste, in the end can use a unique product the summary page advertising products.

: enterprise accounts for the limitations of

can use a very appropriate word to describe most of the enterprises ", in order to pursue the characteristics of flashy without substance", the "large area become an independent school of art. Ignore the structure arrangement, collocation keyword density, pictures, flash can be said to occupy a large part of the proportion of. But the actual things often only a few pages or a dozen pages, search engine optimization, content is king, can be said that most enterprises are not too much of the weight without optimization. But many enterprises do not think Shanghai Longfeng station management work is a technical work, they only considered a large number of the development of the chain can produce the expected ranking, so in the optimization time above is always "bitter", a few months without word began to restless, so the speed also determines the selectivity of Shanghai er in the enterprise station in phoenix.

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