Cai Wensheng if entrepreneurs believe that the so called success basically will die without the buri

Abstract: many enterprises in publicity after the success of when will subconsciously make a lot of "heroic", in fact, this is the most harmful, for many entrepreneurs, if you follow the successful claim, basically will die without the burial ground".

people always see the bright side of success, and ignore the hardships of the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurship on a person’s overall quality requirements are comprehensive, entrepreneurship, we must recognize their strengths and weaknesses, adequate preparation, if a cavity on the impulse to start a business, often encountered difficulties retreat. The life of the road there are thousands of entrepreneurship is just one of them, only to find their own position, in order to find their own way to success.

entrepreneurial success rate of less than 1/3

according to statistics, in the United States startups 10 year survival ratio was 4%. 40% years after the first year of bankruptcy, bankruptcy within 5 years of bankruptcy, the survival of 20% in the past 5 years, there are 80% bankruptcy in second. Harvard Business School study found that the success rate of the first venture is 23%, but the success of entrepreneurs to re start the success ratio is 34%.

don’t believe those a year founded two years three years listed financing story, but do not believe someone with 6 minutes to fix never spend money in the toilet of the story, or you do not know how to "death", "death". The story is almost certainly boast, if not to boast of, the hero of the story is one percent, 1/1000 lucky, even the person whom you brag is the lucky one, it doesn’t mean you will be the next lucky.

a lot of publicity in the enterprise after the success will subconsciously make a lot of "heroic", which of course can be understood, one hand on the road to success a lot of things really no need to let others know, on the other hand, everyone has their own psychological "packaging". But in fact this is the most harmful, for many entrepreneurs, if you follow the successful claim, basically will die without the burial ground".

in the United States, Facebook (Facebook) Zuckerberg in the beginning of the harvest before PayPal CEO Peter · Theil angel investment, can also find a lot of people give him as a consultant, President can even fly to New York to see the Time Inc, this is because the state-owned altruism culture, angel investment culture, also has a mature industry chain, can help entrepreneurs. But in China, almost no one can be so lucky entrepreneurs, China’s entrepreneurial environment is more severe.

entrepreneurship is a tough battle

is a business with a group of unknown people to an unknown place to do an unknown thing, then have the ability of entrepreneurs to think clearly before starting on all things, even if you have to think clearly, once you begin to do too many changes occur, the so-called "a gunshot, plan invalid" the vast majority of the company successful direction and initially conceived products be quite different. >

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