How to write the title of the website you know

1, for those large traffic sites, media website, website, the station traffic accounted for a large proportion, due to the relatively large amount of information, so I want to get more clicks, talent shows itself, will be heading to more attractive to the eye. As for the small and medium enterprise website, the website itself is not much traffic, the main is to obtain rankings in the search engines to get traffic through the search engine.

here from the search engine rankings show to talk about how to write the title of the website.

, concise, not listed and web content not relevant information. On the one hand the title added extra description, will distract the attention of the user, on the other hand the title >

my reason:

the second title keywords need to meet the needs of users, the site keywords optimization is simple user search keywords, and it is your site positioning accurate keywords, keywords in the title to have genuine needs, not to say that the index is high, do not need to do the electronic equipment parts of the word equipment and this demand is too broad, you can not get accurate and relevant traffic, what is to understand the needs of your users.

first, each page should have a title for the one and only, not all of the pages are using the default title. The title theme clear, contains the most important content in this web page. Don’t learn title creation some writers to write the title of your website, foggy, others are wide of the mark, do you have a large flow cornerstone.

so, for small and medium-sized enterprise website title, not only need to search engine favour, get better ranking, but also need to attract users, get more clicks. No way, poor have to do more.

a word, not only to clear the title theme, so that users can understand, and click on the desire, but also need to meet some of the characteristics of search engine ranking.

on the creative title, catchy title how to write, there are a lot of information online, there are a lot of my blog, not to say.

in fact, for most small and medium-sized enterprise website, the title not only to the people, is even more important in the search engine, attract search engine.

2, some large website weight is relatively high, the title at a point can also get a good ranking in the search engine, and small and medium-sized enterprise website general weight is not high, so I want to rank better, the title also need to attract more search engine.


how to write the title, has been a hot topic, but with the continuous expansion of information, the title of the article also becomes more and more important. Now the Internet about titles are generally about the title of the party, on the creative and interesting title, that is how the eyes more attractive.

In addition to the title

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