Love the sea Box Computing under small owners how to survive

the two days on the front page of A5 see the love Shanghai 2011 summit advertising, rice now has a habit, it is often to see these ads, advertising is how to do, what is the profit model. Go after, learned on April 11th -14 in Yunnan Lijiang Shanghai love alliance will be the convening of the sixth session of the Shanghai love union summit.

today, the establishment of the brand is a product of keep long long a secret. No matter is the use of search engines or other promotion or brand can only allow the user to remember you, can let users love you, in order to allow users to become loyal customers. This is the reason why rice love articles in A5, Chinaz, A5, because Chinaz has formed a strong brand in the minds of the webmaster, even if there is no search engine, we still love A5 and Chinaz, because it is the quality of its brand.


learned to promote friend must know the promotion of a variety of ways, can be a promotion way to do the fine, the effect is remarkable. Love is the sea Box Computing box in their search flow, like other Forum promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, micro-blog promotion, it is difficult to box live! So as a webmaster, not only to learn to use search engines, but also to learn from the search engines.

look further, is actually the official operation for Shanghai’s own love box plans to unlock the prelude, before this love Shanghai open platform application belongs to the testing stage, including applications including War Within Three Kingdoms, signature, life, calendar, Mars input method, PPLIVE live and many other partners. Love Shanghai official: on-line love Shanghai open platform application, users of online games, gadgets, watch TV, listen to music online, reading novels, comics, animation, online antivirus applications have achieved instant use, instant". In fact, we think deeply, it is not difficult to find, this is the love of Shanghai want to frame flow of merit, so as even small owners are not eligible to participate in the love of Shanghai open platform cooperation, how should they survive?

3, the establishment of

rice think can from the following several aspects.

often in large sites as everyone knows, the long tail word site traffic occupies more than half. But falling in love with the sea Box Computing may not have no energy will be all the long tail word frame, so small and medium-sized webmaster to do a lot of long tail word is a good choice, it is found that the long tail word of this flow is still far from to be developed. Some people may ask, so we have to give up the main keywords? No, we will try to do in front of the main keywords, because if we do not, then in the main key query, our website will never be users find that it is actually a big loss.

1, using the Shanghai dragon to do a lot of long tail word

brand is king

, take the rest of the promotion

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