f you are a novice Shanghai Longfeng Henbuxiaxin not to step into the Shanghai Dragon ndustry

‘s own web site is down right after, I on the site more attentively. Every day to write five or six articles, and seven or eight original articles, do hundreds of the chain every day. Often write original articles Shanghai sex library, contribute to the A5 platform. The weight of love Shanghai library and A5 weights are very high. I think that as long as the website updated original articles and high quality of the chain website will soon recover. But I was wrong. I don’t care how to write their own original articles, how do the chain site quality is always included, have the chain. But don’t see their website homepage.

at the beginning, I follow the teacher said every day to write original articles, two or three articles. Do some ten chain every day. Insist some months. A snapshot of the site is updated daily, but, search your site name even the tiger net is not found. I don’t know what I write all day, why not do the chain a little effect. It is a wrong method. We do not know, when people do not pay in return, will doubt their own work is wrong, so there is no mood to get what. But don’t get to do? Anyway, I have to insist on.

over a month later, I changed under the title of the site, I know I can’t change. However, it is necessary to change the. I have seen Shanghai dragon forum, Pizhou forum. I think they can change I can change it, afraid of what. Just because they are also afraid of what, I finally changed the title. The result is the same as the Shanghai Dragon Master said, the site is down right. I also regret to change the title, but how to do it, I still have to do not give up.

two months ago, I began to seriously study the Shanghai dragon. See the teacher every day in writing original article, do BBS signature can return to a post. I think so simple ah, if I knew you don’t have to learn from him, their own self will. Over time, I will do a website — Pizhou Forum Network, even the tiger net. I do this is a gateway to Pizhou local forum. Although the Pizhou forum has a lot of. For example, the Pizhou forum is the boss, there wa forum, Pizhou city forum, the people of Pizhou Pizhou people’s forum, forum, Pizhou forum xiapi. However, even the tiger net I do have my own characteristics. That is making the Pizhou forum, but also in Pizhou shooting video, this is my unique place. So, I was determined to do even the tiger net. Without making it, I don’t need to do. Because there is no fun to do the second forum as like as two peas.

of Shanghai dragon, is not writes back to a post? This to new entrants to the industry of Shanghai dragon who is so simple. But when you do it, but not as you imagine. The useless in the two months to Shanghai dragon feelings and share with you, just want to let you know, if you want to join the Shanghai dragon in this industry, you must mind to treat yourself.

every day, I always check your website and chain. >

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