Need to pay attention to the details of the website optimization

Two, pay attention to the diversification of media

three, focus on creating text in the form of Sitemap

text in the form of Sitemap

, a

a variety of media including pictures, animation, video and so on. The military took the site as an example, to love Shanghai image search and military related pictures, ranked first in the picture is that love Shanghai and military related pictures, if you can introduce this picture, then love will think Shanghai and military related website your high, to get good weight. In addition, you can also go to the video site search and military high correlation video, reference to the article, it can also increase the correlation. For the Alt and Title properties, strongly recommended that all of the pictures are added on the ALT property page, site important pictures, such as: logo, photo navigation, pictures, with simple description, otherwise the search engine is difficult to determine what is this picture.

create a text in the form of Sitemap is the most simple. Objective: to create Sitemap

Links the correlation

some friends do SEO tend to purchase a large number of the chain, many of whom are outside the chain of high quality, but the ranking is still not ideal, what reason is this? We see an example below. Love Shanghai. The words "Military", although Tiexue is the largest China military website, but in the love of Shanghai ranked at fifth, and worse than it "china贵族宝贝 Military Channel" in second, through the following two pictures we can find the reason.

2. allows the search engine to know the weight distribution


use notepad file, one per line. In addition to the URL, cannot contain all other characters. URL must be complete, the maximum number of URLs for each file can be added is 50000. More than this number, can open a new file. The notepad file using the UTF-8 encoding. (this is the default encoding, such as error, please save the last choice encoding). The notepad file, in addition to the URL, cannot contain all other characters. Any name >

3. allows the search engine to know the content of your site update


your web site address How to create


1. search engines let a comprehensive collection of your site web address

"china贵族宝贝 Military Channel" Links was all military related, and the Links Tiexue is messy, all walks of life, do well in correlation. Thus, the correlation Links has important significance for promoting the site ranking in search engine.


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