Now the navigation website how to understand their living environment

browser client, although to provide a better user experience, but the site navigation data analysis.

said the navigation website, I think everyone will think of the countless stationmaster new wealth dream Hao123, by virtue of the "integration of resources, create a simple" Hao123 China Internet miracle, also let the navigation website become fashionable for a time, so you can see Hao123 to imitate the navigation website instantly filled our meet the eye everywhere, desktop computer. But after a few years of development, how personal navigation website live?

3 search engine product quality, love Shanghai and other search products through continuous development and renewal, has become quite mature, which makes many users choose these products as the Internet entrance.

3 or

1 site navigation technology needed to lower the threshold, a lot of people pouring into this industry, expect to earn a lot of money, so the site navigation field quality is uneven, resulting in the industry reputation decline.

2 Chinese although there have been a number of mature Internet users, but it is undeniable that in Chinese 500 million Internet users still have a lot of primary users, waiting for us to enter the Internet guide.


I want to do the navigation of the website, most will say the development is not good, because the development environment compared to 2011, personal navigation website now is not good to do, not only to face the quality of content homogeneity, but also face a large portal or browser clients in snatch, very tangled. For the current development of navigation website, a simple summary of the 4 aspects:

2 users quality, some experienced Internet users is a useful website address already by heart to go or, further weakening the competitiveness and the value of navigation website.

4 browser client further force, such as 360 browser, with the rest of the viscosity of the products, successfully bound a considerable part of the customer, and then bind specific site navigation, provides another entrance to Internet users.


1 browser client and search engine products actually prefer comprehensive content and search direction, the scope is very wide, but the professional degree is not enough, so many webmaster can use this to create a professional web site navigation.

for the above four aspects, we can say that all the webmaster let a headache, because compared to the competitors, individual stationmaster often in technology and human resources are the dominant, but this means that the personal navigation website there is no way out? I do not think it, like the recent Taobao guest website, though a crackdown on love Shanghai, Amoy website stationmaster of a lot of companies have closed switch, but does not rule out a lot of stationmaster can still earn a lot of money in this industry, navigation website also is such, the current Internet environment, network navigation station also has 3 advantages: the need to hold

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