How to reduce the invalid page included enhance the value of the site

do an explanation for the last point, what is repeated page love Shanghai think? Is called you to other sites for the collection, copy. But for now, love Shanghai believes that the Internet is information, can meet the needs of users, you no longer need this not essential information, then how about your

? ranking?Why would

what kind of page is invalid page


how to reduce the invalid page to enhance the site


besides these, such as "comments, but also control the message" this page, there are many sites, click on a user comments, will open a new URL address

long-distance car hangs behind several spare tire, as well as a search engine, you usually don’t have any value. Unless some other tire burst, you can use value! What is spare, spare? If you still do not understand the words, from another angle: you love goddess with you together, but do not alienate you! Why? If she was dumped or dumped? People.

in simple terms "information was collected, but has not the slightest flow, this page is invalid page!" complex, these pages usually contain a large amount of page list page, comments page, no valuable information page, and repeat page: "love Shanghai think".

this is to add a point of knowledge, about robots.txt files, many web sites are not added to this file, even if the increase is also allows spiders to crawl the station. What is the significance of this agreement

: first, invalid page does not mean that seriously affect the spider crawl the page, does not affect its grasp, there is no serious cheating problem will be included. Second: the love of Shanghai included some information, will once again to judge the information, if the quality is not up to the index requirements, will be re kicked out! Or, there are not a part of T is out of the reason is that you are as a spare tire to deal with

invalid page? !

Shanghai will use its dragon to reduce invalid included page, cite a simple example: about us, contact us, cooperation, and even some search engines, and did not use the

spider included

has been a master said: my site every day to be included, but not always ranking is what "ghost"? Included more quickly, more is not included, ranking the better? In this regard, here today to share a simple concept to "everyone": for spiders speaking, more effective page included the value of the website will more! Not to the invalid page ranking, even in some sites up to millions of pages, there is no effective ranking.


above is some "hard" aspects of the processing, and finally there are some "soft", is "


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