Links exchange five experience

often go to some webmasters forum friends know, go to the forum is mostly webmaster or engaged in work related to the promotion of Shanghai dragon program >

two. Links platform exchange mode

a few years ago this Links platform does not seem to exist, similar to the site of a class, then some owners may be aware of this demand may feel that their own exchange Links every day to record the trouble, made a special this link platform website, perhaps other reasons, this is a kind of demand the user experience on the site, as long as we search the corresponding vocabulary, you can see a lot of relevant industry Web site, online memory QQ contact, Links platform is currently one of the best ways to exchange links.

four. Forum friends link exchange

novice learning website promotion to practice continuously in the summary, each site weight data increase at the same time, our technology is constantly improving, in front of small write "Pro Weight to improve the site included the amount of four experience", "novice webmaster keywords positioning experience" simple analysis done stand 3 months for some experience of website and keywords positioning experience, improve the site weight only these are far from enough, Links especially home Links exchange can quickly help us to improve the weights of the site and keyword ranking, together to find out some Links I summed up the exchange of ideas:

exchange Links, I believe many of my friends all know, this is can quickly improve the relative weight value of the site, especially in the domestic Internet website is Link Exchange page (most of the foreign exchange exchange home page is not do), Links exchange is to note the time, why? Most exchange friendship the link is the webmaster or Internet company of Shanghai Longfeng operators, some companies even have specialized in link exchange links to the Commissioner, a day in the morning, the general Links exchange at about 8 -11 points is better, especially the weight of relatively high site, generally every day they exchange number the Links is limited, if we put a few points in the afternoon to exchange the day has finished changing maybe people will need to wait until tomorrow to exchange.

three. QQ platform exchange chain

. Links exchange should pay attention to the time of

then another way is known as QQ QQ exchange group, wireless value-added services, QQ announced last year exceeded one hundred million people online at the same time mark, many webmaster friends have similar themes in QQ group, the exchange, there are students, then a lot of people realize the convenience, but also to establish a correlation of the Links exchange group. We can see a lot of Link Exchange issued by the relevant personnel link information here, we released our own people at the same time, can also take the initiative to contact the appropriate personnel exchange link exchange.

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