5 minutes to read Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon is no longer mysterious


C), the value of a website provides information on

! website management?

solution: because the search engine spider is a program, they look for the code, so the code is simple, smooth and convenient to make them look good, when they understand our website, we naturally easy to accept.


Shanghai dragon is the website optimization, its purpose is to let the keywords to get good rankings in search engines, so it is easy to be retrieved by the browser. But so many websites, the search engine is how to arrange the sequence? The following questions, you will easily understand Shanghai dragon

solution: just like people can see the website belongs to what type of human as identified by the text, so the search engine.

query site uniqueness >

search engine through the retrieval of the web content, and according to the site’s keyword density to determine the type of web site.

solution: whether there are people who update the site every day is very important, because the search engine spiders "like people, for a long time did not change the site, is not necessary to return.


two, how to make search engines that push my website is valuable for

four, how to understand their website weight

a, the code is simple and standard) website, to search engine and

search engines are hoping to provide search he most want to see the information, and make the retrieval with the fastest speed to retrieve it. – simple to understand is the search engine will think of it as the information pushed to the retrieval of value


mainly through the search engine gives the flow (keyword ranking) situation of the weight, the other is false. But there is a way to understand the weight:


d), to the website of the external

solution: some people may ask, why is this principle? Because if you have love in Shanghai days when searching for information always can not get the information they want, and with 360 search can quickly get the information they want, then after several such afterwards you will make search habits to search 360.

, a search engine

solution: if there are many web sites on your web site recommended (chain), and the correlation with the website you are very high, so it will make the search engine has a good impression of you.


three, the search engine how to know your website is doing what

The first step:

solution: related to the theme of the site, and is not in the database search engine "had articles is the most valuable (commonly known as the" original articles ").

is what principle?Any one of speech? included?

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