An analysis of why the website can be more short term stop

update in addition to brief update of the content quality must be higher, but the quality of the original web content, but also has certain help to the user, but also need to have a certain correlation, so stop after the update website ranking is likely to rise, if more after a brief stop, update the quality of the content is even worse, this time not only to increase website ranking, but also easily lead to site is down right or punishment, because judge in Shanghai love black box, which is very clear, if high quality content, it is easy to be assigned to a higher ranking system, if the quality of website content even worse, more is not conducive to attract users, then it will be assigned to the low ranking body.

so many webmaster began regular updates, and in the early stage of the website operation also can achieve good results, but after a period of time, will face a bottleneck. At this time if the stop for a period of time, and then use the high quality content update, it can effectively improve the site’s ranking, but at this time to enhance the website ranking will be more rapid speed. Because of the high quality of the content can get rid of judge thought love Shanghai spiders inherent to your website because in more suspended in midair, stop, love Shanghai spider on your site will have an observation, it is put into the black box of love in Shanghai.

in Shanghai black box website, the website ranking before and basically remain unchanged, but if the black box has been maintained during the site more, then it is possible to punish your site, and give a brief stop right down, thus update time should not be too long, generally can be controlled in five working days, if the time is too long, it will easily lead to the site right down the risk.

we usually in the update, the number is very focused on the content, for the quality of the content is not very high, as compared to the contents of the quality, diversification of target number are much easier to achieve, and through the quantity to supplement the quality, is also a very good choice, after all, can let the spider included more the content, so it can get a good opportunity to display in the search engine, and can increase the flow of attraction.

we are in operation site, one of the most important thing is to update the contents, and the update must continue, even some webmaster will conduct daily shift, but the updated content quality is often uneven, some time to update the higher quality of the content, sometimes also will be reproduced and collection, looks like the content of construction is a correct way of thinking, but in fact sometimes some webmaster but because of a short time to terminate the website content update, but after a period of time, the rank of the website would be increased.

why is there such a strange phenomenon? Is this regularity is not conducive to update the search engines crawl and enhance the user experience? The author believes that the reason why this happens, mainly related to the content and website quality and relevance.

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