Do the thinking and preparation before the guest of Taobao

, find the right promotion methods

novice friends is one of the largest defects love impetuous, not very good Jingxiaxinlai the one thing clear well, this is the most taboo, many novice friends to see some people earn a lot of money when you envy, hope you can like them can earn a lot of money, so he began to find each other’s path of development, also to imitate others, others do what products or website do is what keywords went their own complete copy, you also to hurry up, but often the last to fail, first of all we want to know we do anything not start, we must have a >


1, selected themselves to gain a foothold market


believes that every Taobao money off my friends all know that Shanghai is the most love hate Taobao guest website, constantly upgrade changes love Shanghai algorithm is also a large part is for Taobao site, as we enter this new Taobao money off industry we must first consider our own choice of what kind of the product to do, to choose some competition is relatively small but relatively high commission products to do, the best choice of the long tail word more points of the product to do, it is better to do Shanghai dragon. We try to avoid in the choice of products when some highly competitive products or keywords to do, so this is a good first step in Taobao customers.

3, there must be quick thinking and steady state


now network industry customers make money competition is very big, any stage friends have engaged in Taobao money off, many people do it for the novice friends to bring a lot of opponents, for those friends for a while for more people to engage in such in the industry, they can earn less, so for the novice friends do Taobao customer has no chance of success? In fact, there is a lot of opportunities, to consider some problems before we do in order to ensure Taobao customers, we walk the path of development more stable.

is the key to Taobao customers to promote, in the early time many friends all know we are going to the Taobao customer posting or sending off Taobao link, so now this is not applicable in the method, now the best way is Shanghai dragon optimization, through good our guest website ranking Taobao keyword get good traffic, as long as we put this way master, practice to Luhuochunjing stage, do not worry about no website traffic, one thing is easier to make money. For the novice, the find is the most important for a pair of good promotion methods, many promotion methods now, we should learn to find their own love, for you to do the promotion of technology, we want to know what the money is need to have technology as support, so Taobao guest.

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