Shanghai dragon steps and skills of image optimization

in the progress of search engine constantly, upgrade algorithm under the condition of constant change, many owners have said no way, sometimes in a different perspective to the search engine to implement certain pressure, it is also explained, and don’t do Shanghai Road dragon can walk. Why do people say no way, it is because you did not find the other optimization methods, or forgotten. So today and everyone together to explore Shanghai dragon image optimization. Although this is a problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar at work, but we do not often use such a way.

picturesHow important it is to add The second step: The fourth step: to define

title to the title, we all know the importance of this step is to simply let your pictures appear in front of the user, if the lack of this step, there is much significance to your picture will not. And we need to pay attention to is the name for the keyword set of pictures and pictures, search engines are not aware of the picture description but it will be based on your name and picture picture keywords to decide.

truncated picture


The first step: choose picture

a lot of people in the use of the picture, the search engine to search directly copy and paste, but this way is not good for the website optimization, if you link to other web site pictures, you want to be ranked in Shanghai love pictures, so it has no effect, if you are to save space and so. It does not know, don’t lose traffic because of space issues.

we know many different formats with pictures, such as JPG, PNG, GIF and so on, so we should choose what kind of format in the process of optimization, is favorable to us? We need to figure out what kind of search engines love pictures, can confirm that the search engines don’t love 8 picture, not love big love pictures, pictures, and the loading speed is fast and high quality well, only jpg.


The third step:

image optimization is not to say that take a picture in the article can be inserted into the set keywords, is not so simple, the following is to introduce the steps of image optimization.

picture to localization, the privatization of

what is a valid picture? This is my own definition, explain for everybody, that part is a valid picture you want to send to the user information, a lot of friends in the picture when in order to save time is to do network screenshot, then avoid intercepting extra blank part or not part of the meaning of the this time, no reason improve search engine loading time, we can refer to love Shanghai logo, you can find the picture made of high quality, small size of the picture will be more conducive to the promotion and optimization of the picture.

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