Shanghai Longfeng scheme how to solve small institutions


· title and H tags. Shanghai dragon as the page ranking factors the most powerful of the two, each page needs to select the title and H tags. For large sites, need to design algorithms to automatically generate, while small sites have to manual preparation.

· network based partner. Sites of all sizes have cooperative relations with other entities (charities, companies, consultants, customers etc.). Shanghai Longfeng professional know, all these have obtained connection opportunities, use properly can bring a lot of value to the enterprise. For large institutions, these partners are often very complex.

· Web site structure. Most of the contents of web pages should cover the potential users of products and services may want to know. Large sites may have a hierarchical structure more complex, and the small website structure is relatively simple.

in small institutions in the popularization of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is a challenge, after all, most people have to wear many hats. It is best to have a Shanghai Longfeng expert, you can call him, ask questions, and verify the solution.

some of the mechanisms in terms of structure or financial, are not ready to hire the Shanghai dragon team. In fact, Shanghai dragon may know only one person, this person may also only part-time staff. Perhaps no one has agency website optimization requires time and skills, so outsourcing may be necessary. The size of the effective implementation of Shanghai Longfeng time required depends on the site and the degree of complexity, and the company’s market competition degree. The size and organization of a company increases the complexity of the process of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon professional

of Shanghai Longfeng complexity aspects

· link building. With the expansion of the site, link and demand is also increasing in complexity. You need to study the degree of competition, make the development planning link, link is not significantly more than required, nor too few.

· research. More page means more keyword research, keyword research is needed to drive solid content and website structure optimization plan.

please no budget for service providers, consultants or contractors, the Shanghai dragon allocated to internal personnel before the best to spend money to find a professional Shanghai dragon >

· Meta labels. The Meta tag is very important, because the search engines often choose from Meta that the display in the search results, it will affect your site click rate.

· and CMS development platform. Large websites use the development platform and CMS often limits the execution in Shanghai Longfeng, optimize, often require expensive, time-consuming work.

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