Share material website optimization of the four basic ideas of Shanghai Dragon

this is the most basic problem in front of us, many sites do Shanghai Longfeng, and considerable traffic, so now a lot of people are in love and learning to use the Shanghai dragon to build their own website traffic, personally think that the use of Shanghai dragon is a very good idea and method. Of course, there are many sites did not use Shanghai dragon, but still has a considerable traffic, by contrast, they can save a lot of time to deal with the content of the web site. If it is from these two aspects, it seems to be reasonable, that want to insist on doing? Is Shanghai dragon or abandon Shanghai Longfeng spend more time to improve the content? I finally decided to use after thinking, to create the Shanghai dragon network dynamic material. The reason is very simple, although the Shanghai dragon takes time, but it can bring certain flow, great value, moreover do Shanghai dragon does not mean that there is no time to improve the content, the two complement each other, there is no conflict. Therefore, to ensure sufficient user experience, the first major decision is to use the Shanghai dragon to take care of this website, the long-term development of the site planning and programming are very helpful. Because all the content from the formulation to image processing, copy writing, URL structure, internal links, directory level, website structure and other aspects, and do not do Shanghai, Shanghai dragon will have a very big difference.

is a material network, then the picture is certainly inevitable, and is the highlight of the site. The structure of network material similar to the B2C mall, the text content is relatively small, the image classification is more, which obviously increases the difficulty of Shanghai dragon, also increased the difficulty of the website search engine crawling. But it does not matter, we can design good Shanghai Longfeng structure to help the search engines crawl. If you have a DIV+CSS layout should understand the relevant knowledge, A> C> B> classical D structure, A refers to the website of the head, C refers to the content of the text, A and C respectively contains the title and text of the title of the site, so the two is the most important place, so in CSS to place the code in the front position, but in the vision, C is likely to be placed on the right side of the page, before and after such use of CSS to control code is conducive to search engine crawling, is the most important place in the top position >

Shanghai dragon and abandoned Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon for a long time, almost every day to see some of the owners to write articles, learn many useful insights and ideas. Used today to share with you and summarize, I hope to give some help to the novice webmaster. Because I was contacted by the material class website, so the class of material website the basic Shanghai Longfeng ideas for a simple summary, in fact, compared with other industries is not much different from what the difference is derived from the small details, hope to see this paper can let the webmaster have certain inspiration, if not, also hope a lot of people.

Planning the overall structure of the Since

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