Taobao ghost foot seven nterpretation of Tmall search




personalized search, according to the coarse grain, to the crowd, fine-grained, can be specific to the individual. Rich handsome silk and * demand is not the same, the same search for a T-shirt to rich handsome recommend 9 yuan shipping T-shirt to rich handsome, this is his identity to insult; white Formica had recommended the discount season dress, also belongs to the waste flow. If according to different groups, the search results will be slightly different, on the formation of the individual. More direct examples are: Search "jeans", the woman should give women jeans, men should give the men’s jeans. From many dimensions, age, gender, region, purchasing power, brand preference and so on, can be divided. Now there is a collection of tips in the shop and bought a Taobao search, is specific to the individual. Custom search, is specific to the individual in the form of customized

this is a good question, the search engine more than ten years of development, the noble baby, Baidu have tried for many years, but there has been no individual climate. Taobao personalized search, will be different. Web search, personalized demand, but not too much, they are mostly related with the area, more importantly, the web search engine is difficult to accurately obtain user information. Taobao on the user’s browsing behavior, purchase behavior, registration information is very rich, at the same time, the demand for personalized shopping, personalized web search is far more than the demand is much greater. The success of a product, in fact, is not the technical strength, and that the needs of users is true, is big enough. In a sense, if Taobao search can not do it, other search engines can be more difficult to do it.


is the so-called personalized, as opposed to the popular terms. For example: we are doing the bus travel, bus is for the public service. But the seat on the bus for the elderly children and pregnant women, the disabled are personalized service. Of course, Beijing has big meetings or travel, traffic control, but also belong to a kind of personalized service. Personalized search is also a reason the same. Different people have different search results, and this result is more close to the search for their own needs, is the personalized search. Thousands of thousands of people face a pronoun is personalized.

1, what is the personalized search? What is the thousands of thousands of people face

2, personalized search can do what


@ Tmall happy child announced in the micro-blog said Tmall search has joined the individual factors, there are also some people who dance for joy, at a loss. Here we are concerned about the problem, make a brief introduction:

4, don’t pull the useless talk, personalized search impact on business! "

3, so pull the wind, love Shanghai noble baby did not do, Taobao can do

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