See from the movie search in the Shanghai dragon

took advantage of the Saturday night free, I put this movie very long movie "search" at the back. Why watch this film? The author is a IT in Shanghai Longfeng related work, to see Shanghai dragon and search not literally, but the Chinese Shanghai dragon do search engine optimization, the movie "search" is the Shanghai dragon in S, therefore, the author has great interest from the site viewing of the "search". See, I also have some gratitude, with everyone together to talk about the movie "search" to see the Shanghai dragon.

in our real life, a lot of hype things, such as Fengjie, Sister Lotus, Gan Lulu is through the network hype and overnight explosion of red, and in the near future I also see a Taobao beauty shop owners home tired of sudden death events, was reprinted over 10000, then I saw a network broke the news that the owner did not beauty how to die, and that no matter the truth, also cannot do without the hype of two words, and the same, in the "search", Chen Yao’s reporter, in order to better speculation but not the Ye Qiulan apology video release, so that the popularity continues to rise, continue to public opinion. In fact, in this regard, the author believes that speculation is a double-edged sword, many of my friends have mentioned, editorial planning is one of Shanghai dragon Er needs to have, and if one thing for Shanghai dragon Er us, if the idea is good enough, then I believe the hype can also help, even through the hype and let the site to bring crazy traffic. In fact, I think, but the need for appropriate Shanghai dragon crazy, so as to bring the crazy traffic.

movie "search" in Shen boss is a self expansion, the strong inner gas field and the control force, the level is very high, have ready plans to meet a situation. At the same time as those in the film is such a sentence: "to crush who can kill anyone". That same group of vulnerable groups we feel helpless, like.

crazy search network hype Guide

some time ago, I believe many of my friends have noticed, in the home Tencent at the beginning of the month was revised, and the revised home page, search about soso placed throughout the home to the most prominent head, visible to the search service to Tencent. Well, let’s look at the movie "search", in the movie, telling the one not make things, be recorded on network, so as to bring crazy popular search. However, in many search screen, the author found that are using search search, and this is also the Tencent involved in the innovation in the field of promotion means, of course QQ hot word search tips and so on, see the determination and development of Tencent in the search engine market attention, because the Shanghai dragon friends. Can pay more attention to the search engine search, perhaps in the near future, the Tencent soso will rise, and love Shanghai snatch.

Tencent soso will rise



Vulnerable groups and powerful

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