Shanghai dragon er you watched website two of the core keywords before and after it

do impact the ranking of a website in a particular site that is depressed, every time in the search engine update ranking will rise, then it will continue to decline, remember the first time ranking is 232 in Shanghai, and soon usher in a major update love Shanghai, ranking rose to 180, and then continue to decline, down to 190. Then again greet the big update to love Shanghai to 87, and then continued to decline, down to 100 of the time, love Shanghai big update, the website ranking rose to 77. I understand the rankings, during which I constantly updated high quality content, and promote the chain to improve the weight. But I’m on this ranking decline in the beginning is not very understanding, believe that many friends like me don’t understand how this happens. But this time in the study of Shanghai dragon principle finally put these things to understand.

When I recently in the keywords Of course,

I give everybody to speak to the above principle, we can understand why the website keywords I would have such a show! That is because the website weight is not high in search engines (to love Shanghai as the standard, because the author observed is love Shanghai data) update index database is too slow, only when search engine updated site data will update the front, introduce the search engine keyword ranking before they do the pretreatment, and the website weight is low, so only when the search engine update will put those ascending the weights of the website I used to do all aspects of the data included in the rankings, big update after that is not updated, that is to say my station is in place. If the newcomers have weight high website nature can usually overload me, Guide >

today is not in this to introduce the principle of search engine, introduces the principle that only part of why this is the case, we know that when we search in the search engine keywords early in the index database it all these users to the information are ready, rather than rush to go others find the content presented to the user. Because it is too time-consuming, efficiency is unacceptable. So the search engine is used after a way — the establishment of the index database. But this approach has a disadvantage that is not for all sites are updated in real time, some of the latest information and website weight lifting algorithm into the inside. Can only real-time capture for a small part of high weight website quality, which is updated in real time, some new data in the calculation of the ranking algorithm. For those who are not very high weight website is only half a month to update the index, according to your website promotion weight of re ranking update. So I often see some novice in the forum asked, today I gave more than 20 chain website ranking is not improved, it is because your website is not updated, and no effective link. Only when the search engine next big update of the chain will you do today is included in the scope of weight calculation.

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