The integration of human senses four sense illustrate the successful webmaster essential condition

: touch action

: the slow need to start early. smellThere are mountains

of course, website optimization and promotion is not a short duration of time, the key to the webmaster seriously find problems, seeking truth from facts, find solutions, and put into practice. Here, we should regard the promotion and operation of local talent website as an example, from the "four sense" to find the shortcut to success.

wants to make a breakthrough in the website management, we must have the active questioning attitude and spirit. To find the problems, find the root cause in the process of solving problems; not only that, but also to find out what sequence of events. Do not know where to "get", use the birthright of the "mouth" to ask, "ears" to listen, "heart" to learn. In this case, the problem will soon be solved effectively, at the same time you can learn new knowledge.


vision: seeing is really

grassroots webmaster to successfully operating a good website, must have the basic knowledge of network, culture and human resources; also must have "dull things repeat", "tedious things carefully", "difficult things to do" work attitude and working enthusiasm. Success is not a unified standard, or a rich income, or ranked first, or get thousands of traffic…… In fact, no matter what is important to you, these are the factors of successful owners must consider.

and national portal, local webmaster every day "dwelling" office, but at home it is impossible to form local characteristics. The proposed station to arrange a reasonable time, many places to walk the streets to high streets and back lanes, know the user information, advertisement and other information are our potential source of information and customer source. Can also go to college to understand the job situation of graduates, especially to understand whether the school activities in the preparation, analysis of whether the talent website can get publicity. All of these are local talent website operation basis and fundamental survival.

mountain, there are people. Website operation workers to know even if they are not only the slow need to start early., a Benniao, but also know how to seize the initiative, diligent study. The more sensitive than others smell to dig more valuable information, and grasp the policy information in the first time, understand the latest trends of the industry, familiar with the network optimization. Using a variety of effective ways to obtain the optimal value of the information, practice writing, and accumulated experience.

in the visual, auditory, olfactory basically, according to the actual situation as the basis, find out the real effective solutions, and then pay behavior, can make the website to get more traffic and profitability. Many new Adsense tend to follow suit in the optimization, others see the website keyword index, immediately follow the tutorial can make only superficial changes; see make the site a month to enhance the flow of pinch >

hearing: Buchixiawen

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