The site of several Shanghai dragon stick to

weight is not high for the new station station can meet the first is more important to directly copy and paste included are difficult not to mention ranking, love Shanghai generally love fresh blood, large website information of the original and pseudo original work are based on the website editors and contributors as the main force member some more, have independent editorial team, but the new online personal webmaster, membership submission is not because the site is not known. Out of the interview team independently, not only a webmaster. Now most of the individual owners are used to modify or copy the program automatically pseudo original, personally think that if going to a long time to open a station, the depth of the pseudo original good, at least readable text, valuable articles for visitors really useful maybe they will become your loyal customers. As for how to see the depth of law, understand and use the personal, I think about the changes of 50% is the minimum.

intends to begin to do a website, to the theme, the style of the website are designed in the local, the title, description and so on in a one-time. Of course, the more important the virtual host, choose a good point of the stable point don’t 3 days two open conditions can be used independently of IP or VPS, the new independent IP seemingly better weight, are selected. Officially launched after the first 3 months do not just modify the title template for IP and other dangerous actions, a lot of new experiments very fragile once these things light snapshot pause, while direct pulled the hair. A small www.vpsjy贵族宝贝 I is this problem on-line quickly included 2-3 days included the home page, but that title is good to the headline results over the 1 days snapshot still 1 weeks after the page has disappeared, according to the experience of internal external continuous optimization block to half a month before they could restore long takes 1-2 months, every day The loss outweighs the gain. ah, observe the spider, I am also looking forward to it now reincluding oh.

develop the habit of free time can release some of the chain, but do not link spamming. The mass of the chain, suddenly 2-3 days more than a few thousand garbage outside the chain, do not rule out the short term has a certain effect, but also has been the threat of > K station

two. High quality friendship to

found a lot of new station on the line just a bunch of Links, the new general direct links are to change the weight of general or not included in the new station. This link is meaningless, sometimes counterproductive, if have their own circle alone find good friends weight station to change the links of the best is the same type of the best, if not, to make friends, and adhere to the people of course not grinding Oh, pull down the face can also spend a little money to buy a few Links and where it, the weight up the flow to make it back do not afraid.

. Stick to

fix to design positioning

four. The chain to

three. A

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