Horizon in the sinking of the short video will be the climax of the content entrepreneurs

short video of the wind for two years, the first into the pool has been a "whale" signs.

in July of this year, a complete one hundred million yuan B+ round of financing, on-line less than two years, the circle of the user of the day, live on the current daily income of nearly 1 million, the company’s cash reserves of nearly $1 million in.

December, the two anniversary of the conference held more than two, announced a monthly full network playback volume of up to 1 billion times since March this year, the average monthly increase of blessing reached more than 30%, more than 18 million fans sedimentation.

as the content of the wave of entrepreneurship in the most popular video from the media, the two players in the fission mode chose a different path.

is sitting on a huge flow of the site, a "Life Aesthetics" began to explore the direction of the depth of business;

two is based on its own content, outward expansion of the formation of the alliance, which makes the whole industry chain short video platform is evident.

consumer upgrade era, from killing time to save time, the latest carrier of fragmented information – short video, accidentally became the object of everyone’s favor.

traffic "depression", short video became the attention center

in the increasingly popular mobile, fragmentation of the consumption of the moment, a short video became the "product" in the occasion, Yiqijuechen retained users look on the road.

has been with the attention of the user "content producers" flow, similar situation with the wave from the media wave of entrepreneurship, a mainstay of highly sensitive information media are still short video force in entrepreneurship. A short video business seems to be the traditional media people bid farewell to the text complex, and "fashion", has entered the harvest last wave bonus.


B12 drawing

statistics on the point of view, to test the waters of the project and the previous focus on the field of subdivision is basically the same, this wave of media business is like a trend to embrace the deployment of resources.

personal Titaiqingying, twisted body, with the surging tide. But the bulky traditional media to extend new "not resigned to playing second fiddle, tentacles", trying to catch the last train on the transformation of media:

interface news online short video brand "Arrow Factory", the main character of the documentary;

Southern Weekend Canxing jointly established the "Pumpkin" video industry, plans to launch the celebrity interview short video, culture talk shows and so on;

Beijing News teamed up with Tencent to launch the "we" to live, short video, feature three forms to create news documentary video;

the production end of a bustling scene, the platform is not idle. The ability to edit and distribute algorithm for increasingly sophisticated, content driven platform for party, afraid to miss the time card, have opened the "enclosure" money mode:

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