Only one night included jumped from 0 to 4W

1. completely suspects, re submit


was encountered in the K case is not clear, before the exact cause, the first thing we should do is a thorough investigation of all suspected of cheating, such as the various factors within the chain, chain, keywords and other aspects of the possibility, even small can not let go. In the investigation, if there is suspicion is given immediately, in order to ensure the thorough investigation of the suspect after treatment has been we can submit a website to the search engine.


yesterday I found that website is soso to K forty thousand, the amount included zero overnight. However, this morning to watch the night, return search included soared 40 thousand. The author’s personal experience views about it.

more than 2.

for search engines, it will inevitably be included convulsions, fluctuation change radically is inevitable. So we need to analyze the behavior, you do not blindly go for consultation. How to analyze our analysis through the site log?.



Through the analysis of

finally, for this event, I think, whether it is to be K, right down or included and the chain of ups and downs we must treat with indifference to better analysis, so as to better, to consider the corresponding countermeasures, as long as do we think should do, believe that everything will come better. In this paper, by sun net weight 贵族宝贝jianfei1234贵族宝贝/ feeds, reproduced please specify the

logs found yesterday, found that 5 day search on website basically did not grab, interesting is 6 days but returned to grab, then guess, don’t exhaust soso? Today K tomorrow will return? Because of the search for and not too much research, but from the look at the behavior does not want to be signs of K, so we need more calm, the first point of the operation, and then continue to observe. Sure enough, today is to restore the original record, it seems that it really is crazy.

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