The Divine Comedy the style implicit learning website operation

2, allowing users to experience more simple and more direct, more practical.

"Oh PA Gangnan style" when you hear the rhythm, you will dance, yes, this is the power of the Divine Comedy "the style". "Gangnam style" fires all over the world, with its unique charm to conquer all kinds of color of the race, I also listened carefully and understand this song, it found that fire is absolutely not occasional, but inevitable. As a webmaster, I also from this song in easy to understand some of the knowledge about web site operators, hoping to share with everyone today.

1, the creation of original and unique content, can let many users become your loyal fans.

"the style" can be so many imitators, besides good promotion, more is the song riding dance is easy to learn, and can bring a pleasant, relaxed feeling, let a person trapped, unable to stop. To do so, every day we emphasize the user experience, but there are many webmaster can let users really get a good experience? The user experience is not a profound knowledge, like "the style" riding dance, simple and direct and practical, the three point should be to improve the core requirements of the user experience. When the user can obtain the good experience from your website, your website will become as popular as it "the style".

3, reputation promotion of high quality, make your website quickly hot.

strong word-of-mouth promotion is an important factor of "hot Jiangnan style", when the song on Youtube, many European and American superstars have praised the song, and that is to learn to ride dance, and their fans that the stars of the idea is like a virus to imitate it, leading to a variety of is to make this version emerge in an endless stream, a song on a more popular level. Similarly, website promotion is the same, the promotion website reputation is a method of high light. We are in the promotion of website >

have to say, "the style" the author is really a very talented singer, he is the reasonable use of the rhythm of the song, created a simple but very cool riding dance, so that this song became popular in the network, it has so many unique from conventional dance fans crazy. In our website operation, is also a reason. An industry or type of website have a thousands on thousands of users every day on browsing, the repetition of these uninteresting content, how can let users on your site interested? So, a website can not gorgeous page, there will be no powerful, but did not have a unique, original content, website the content of the unique personality, can let a roaming in the copy and paste the website all user spirits, allowing users to become your site’s loyal fans, bring more traffic to you.

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