Share two months how to do blog keywords on the front page


Jingxiaxinlai, thinking about his standing up to.

(2) to determine the role of keywords do a medical network marketing blog, because I do care, every contact extrapolation optimization, one can have a very good summary of their work, so as not to have no harvest and experience of the things you’ve done. The other is to enhance their visibility, then analyzes a few words of "medical network marketing" search results 4 million 240 thousand, index 71 "hospital network marketing" 2 million 300 thousand "promotion" index 60 hospital 8 million 130 thousand, 31. index to determine a degree of competition and the index for the word "medical network marketing", and the word is more in line with the industry people in the search habits, I observed a few days in the company, even the exchange between colleagues usually say " " medical network; more than " the hospital network " and the director of the hospital, only to talk about things will be more mentioned hospital. Plus I usually in terms of data, channel, operation the effect has the advantage of positioning "combat operations" medical network marketing, this positioning clear >

optimization always remain the same, grasp the main points, determine the direction of the next step is to try to achieve. This blog, in fact has been more than a year, before maintenance is intermittent, and modify several times title, occasionally with an article, the real maintenance was started in September the 15th, to now have more than two months today.

concluded, there are three points that I think is more important.

today is a good day, although the weather is a bit cold. The morning to the office, open the computer, pour a cup of water, open the Shanghai love home, enter the "medical network marketing" because didn’t expect the ranking to the first page, slightly glanced at the jump to page second, found no, second pages to turn, always turn to page sixth, did not find it, my heart is confused, really thought it was right down. Then return to the first page, found sixth place, full of excitement, do not find in Shanghai dragon than what their site ranking to the home happy things. Then on the other computer search, determined not to cache, they finally settled.

(1) domain was identified as a blogger didn’t have a long-term plan, was to see colleagues in blog, they have a domain name of idle hands, more than a year, took over with, the purpose is to make Shanghai Shanghai dragon training the word do up, no other think too much. When I want to use my own blog name Pinyin as domain name has been found to be registered, not only use this personal name and a little edge of a domain name to do their own blog domain name. Good is the domain name is still a bit of history, more than a year, no bad record, disadvantage is do not have any connection with your name. From the back of the observation, have to say, the old domain has several advantages.


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