Song Lianjun the construction of website structure optimization of text link


said the simple text links hyperlink contains text is the important link or all links to use text links, text links because crawling to the search engine, in the last resort, can use pictures and JS call link. For example, logo (logo is in no way the text links), product pictures, pictures of advertising, we do not recommend the use of images, because the picture is inferior to the link text links, even if you add text on the picture alt attribute, its effect cannot link compared with the words. Text links directly to vote, to facilitate the search engine of a keyword included in the ranking algorithm, transfer PageRank.

the meaning of this sentence tells us that you this page only a picture link in it, it is difficult to obtain a higher weight and keywords ranking, or search engine will give you a big score for this page, your entire website, this page is a two page, do not have much contribution. Products, wedding photography, tourist attractions, beautiful pictures, pictures, project renderings sites, these sites to pay special attention, a lot of people prone to error is webmaster do a picture in just click on the link on the home page, on this site, if a page is very important, we are the best there is a picture link at the same time, can give a text link in an important position.

on taobao贵族宝贝 case:


2. any page at least one text link to


in the Taobao home page, "hot single product" section, click picture of its products can reach, there are text links below the picture. Although this example is not appropriate, but also can explain the problem.

3. text links into

Try to use text links to

structure of a website is composed of a plurality of text links, link plays a role in the website structure. A link to the site well, can let a search engine spider crawling site better, solve the optimization in Shanghai Longfeng included the most basic link. Through the link, the user can reach the desired page, to increase user stickiness, improve PV, solve the problem of user experience. Link structure disorder website, search engine spiders will not love, spider dizzy in the station, then the next time confused, will not visit your site, included will not increase, the user experience is such a reason. We have to put our own imagination into a spider, then all the problems will have the answer. The song LJ share in the construction in the link of experience and experience.

taking into account the needs of users at the same time, we should take into account the target keywords, keyword text links below the picture one has to search for. Second, when we design the text link, to enter your home page target keywords users (including directly enter the URL user >

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