The 7 day fast ranking Shanghai dragon operation scheme




a lot of people do when the Shanghai dragon is the first to do some thing if it is of no great importance, professional Shanghai Longfeng in the optimization of the web site is on the basis of optimization, love Shanghai on the website of the request is based optimization for the part, other depend on the user click, if the site has just started ranking not that we must start from the small details, so we must take the basic optimization well, how to put a word in the industry (Zhengzhou law firm) optimization to the top 20, said today is on the basis of the optimization of fast ranking.

4, double title, double title is the advantage of other users also solve the problem of solving a problem of the user.


two specification

, the original

5, the content of containing pictures is to allow users to feel more need to see something to read, articles and others out of love > Shanghai better recognition

love ShanghaiThe picture ALT attribute

3, the changes and additions, did not add the ALT attribute to add pictures, pictures and content related titles.

3, the title of this article should not be too long, clear, control in 15 words or so simple, too long after the show included not easy.

the original is so important for the new station, it is the first original dozens of articles, such as your website ranking can copy and paste some simplified content, because the new sites included to copy and paste the site’s ranking is not good, if you have the confidence to say the line on the website you can attract a large number of flow that you copy.

5, the other the website to contain similar titles.

4, the article to make the difference with others.

The title of the article,


1. changes were not included in the article title and content, as far as possible to write some users to search the contents of love, can refer to the content of the form Q know love Shanghai.


1, if it is copying others article must take the original degree well, so as to ensure the collection of search to others.

The advantage of


, 2 of the article, the keyword on the left weight is more important, if you want to can put the words in front of the need to optimize the ranking of a keyword.

the title of the article is the first element to attract people click on the website, the title of the site is the user can search the contents of love, is also attracting public attention in the title, is to allow people to click on your website.

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