Shanghai dragon is really no future profession


should start from Shanghai dragon industry have questioned: Shanghai dragon industry have a future? Around this problem imperceptibly for so many years, this debate is still not stopped. See some want to learn Shanghai dragon friend will ask "how the future of Shanghai Longfeng chat group which often in Shanghai dragon?" or "Shanghai dragon have a future?" questions, on the one hand may be because they do not understand the industry, another reason is due to the interference question sound around the.

why is there such a question, I think it is determined by the nature of the industry itself the Shanghai dragon. Before the article I mentioned, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very low threshold of the industry, are not particularly high requirements of academic and technical level, the major content of the work of the ordinary workers every day Shanghai dragon is the article and the chain, the high level is the key word and will pick the layout of the structure high level is able to build website, so the average person to do an ordinary worker in Shanghai Longfeng no what great difficulty. It is because of this simple work for many people in the industry of Shanghai Longfeng future doubt: the future of

industry in the end where? The above is my

in Shanghai Longfeng industry’s future a little view, no matter what others say, personally feel that the Shanghai dragon industry will still be popular in the future, but the future is what and who can say so accurately.

The first day of

said the truth, Xiao Ming when I first entered this industry also have the same question, because every day is to update the content and release of the chain, so boring and simple for me to work in Shanghai Longfeng future don’t have much hope, but then I later through in-depth study and understanding of Shanghai dragon not only is not no future, and it can be said is a bright future. Why? My present observation, many small and medium-sized enterprises website have not Shanghai Longfeng traces of optimization, because of the importance of those managers may also not aware of this problem, some people may think the Shanghai dragon is a little high and the optimization effect of some slow, but we think these problems in the back more than what problem, because with the popularization and development of Internet, the line will be gradually replaced by online transactions, you have your own company under the line and online, you have to have their own official website, and with online transactions have become increasingly frequent, so the importance of the website starts to show. If you don’t do the site optimization, then you will not have a good ranking, no good ranking companies there is no good exposure, with no benefit, but once the company had no benefit, so is the result of the company failed, so the consequences are as can be imagined. I think in the future of every enterprise will have their own website optimization team responsible for the daily Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because this is the general trend of the future development of Shanghai dragon industry.

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