Good relationship between external links and keywords ranking

here we entered it, today to talk about the topic is powerful on relationship between the external links and keywords ranking, you must first understand what is the external links? As external links, also called reverse links, is pointing to their site from external links. As for the number of links can be used to query the external query tool, can also use the query command query in the search engine, such as the Shanghai love query external link command is domain:www.wd515贵族宝贝, in fact, this is not the external links, but the relevant domain, which is love Shanghai crawl page appears in your web site that is considered a related domain. Google is link:www.wd515贵族宝贝, but everybody said that Google is not allowed, I have a station to do the chain for more than a year Google has only a single digit, anti chain and love Shanghai and YAHOO has been on the rise. The other is YAHOO, YAHOO trans inquires the command is linkdomain:www.wd515贵族宝贝, anti chain YAHOO is updated faster, is recognized as the most accurate query results, with this instruction in your link is in the form of hyperlinks, are generally keyword link.

friends often ask me how I add my QQ website optimization, some asked my Shanghai Longfeng website optimization knowledge is to learn where, here today can tell you that I have never accepted Shanghai dragon website optimization training and the theory of knowledge, believe it or not, the fact is so, because I believe that knowledge comes from practice.



1, URL text: This Anti chain is usually love Shanghai can be found, namely pure web form, such as 贵族宝贝blog.wd515贵族宝贝/youhua/10.html, if you this article is reprinted without removing links, reprint articles once loved Shanghai included, you will add a chain or you love Shanghai, in the forum leave your site, just love Shanghai grab, this is also a love of Shanghai chain.

2, a hyperlink: this chain can be key links, such as: supply shop, can also be a URL, such as 贵族宝贝wd515贵族宝贝 (in fact, the effect of anti chain and text like URL). Keywords and links can be divided into nofollow and two without nofollow, the link attributes is that search engines do not track the meaning.

my blog wrote in part is reproduced, the rest is through my practice of some experience in the process of Shanghai dragon and new, just hope for those and I like the Shanghai dragon novice some advice and help, to let them walk a little less detours, may be able to borrow from the funeral master these words to describe.

know how to query each search engine chain, so also can analyze the existing form of anti chain according to the results of the query:

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