8 notes on the website

first, to ensure the normal access to the site. The website can not close the site or sometimes see some websites directly put up the shutters tell you a few months, re opened, is currently being revised. In fact, this approach is very wrong, will lead to the search engine on our site to re crawl included, reduce site included, especially in the first page of the weight is reduced, injury is fatal. Keep the space problem, the original site of normal access, continue to maintain content updates, promotion or.


second, local revision. Site structure adjustment can not be across the board, we need to make adjustments in the original basis, including structural adjustment. Now the construction site is the template operation, just modify or add template, or create a new directory structure can add general revision is the simple structure and content, as well as the art interface. All these operations are needed in the local, local debugging is completed, each department confirmed, and then uploaded to the online debugging and testing. This ensures the normal connection and stability system. Some people see the website is by doing upload, sometimes there are some effects of user access. So try the local revision after the upload.

third, good fusion structure. Sometimes need revision, design to the path of structure adjustment or update, we need to make a record, given the need for website promotion and Shanghai dragon, need to do a 301 redirect to the path of the original site become a dead link. In fact, this website in early time to consider what system function expansion is not strong etc.. Of course, I also took over, early do bad website, without affecting the weight, bigger revision, path 301 turn, can come back to around January.

fifth, improve the user experience. Now the network of electronic commerce, in the search engine based on experience, the conversion rate is very important. This time we need to consider in the website user experience. >

fourth, the page title is very important. Don’t try to modify the page title, especially in the name of the website. Because this is related to the weight of the ZhengZhan, the page title should be considered in the website construction, the most late revision change of title, the name of the web site cannot but is unchanged. After the revision, the size of the home page, open the speed is very important, need to simplify.

in the early construction site are not in one step, after a period of operation, and the later development needs, will certainly be used once, two times, three times the revision adjustment. As our website, our technology, and change of adjustment operations are relying on a person, or a few people in the operation, all; if it is a large website or the operation of the company website, we need to coordinate the team, with the change of adjustment. No matter what type of website, operation methods and processes are the same, in my personal experience, 8 aspects need to pay attention to in the process of revision, for reference only.

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